Potential Seattle Church Shooting Plot Stopped By Police

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Most people won’t remember his name this time next week, and that’s good. Unlike the gunmen responsible for Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, the 25-year-old man in Seattle, Washington won’t even rate as an answer in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

And that’s a good thing because Seattle police stopped his rampage before it could start.

Seattle police say a Covington man wanted to commit mass murder and that he threatened to take aim at a Seattle Church.

When they moved in, they found he had an AR-15.

The suspect allegedly referenced the recent mass shooting at a Texas church,

Court documents call the threats alarming.

They were issued over several weeks. They culminated with the threat to the Cross and Crown Church on 12th Avenue Northeast in the University District the day after the Texas church massacre.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Edward Goga had already

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