Police Catch Robber after He Falls Asleep During Robbery

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No one has ever accused criminals of being the most intelligent among us. But a recent screw up by a screw up in Texas, has some wondering just how stupid some criminals might be.

20-year-old Kanyoni Sedekiya was armed with a gun at his apartment complex late last week when an argument broke out between he and his roommate. Sedekiya got the better of his roommate, tied him up and gagged him as he demanded money from the roommate.

What happened next is straight out of the criminal “How Not To” handbook.


Sedekiya then FELL ASLEEP, with his roommate bound and gagged in the next room. Eventually, around 4 am, the roommate was able to free himself of his constraints and make his way to a neighbors apartment from where he contacted police.

When police arrived they found Sedekiya still soundly asleep

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