Pistol Packing Pizza Producer Pops and Drops Pillager In Shop

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We’ve said it before, and there’s not doubt that we’ll say it again, but you just don’t mess with Texas.  Ever.

That’s a lesson that one would-be their learned the hard way when attempting to pilfer some profits from a pizza shop in Amarillo, Texas recently.

The attempted robbery of La Bella pizzeria in the otherwise sleepy town of Amarillo was thwarted, however, after an armed employee was able to incapacitate the thief with a well placed shot after the thug attempted to take a hostage and demand all of the cash from the register.

This has, of course, prompted a debate in the Lone Star State over the arming of employees at their respective restaurants.

The owner of La Bella has worked swiftly to curb this discussion.

“A police spokesman said last week that the employee, who is licensed to carry a firearm, has not been

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