Obamacare Premiums Set To Rise Constantly Through 2027

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How can anyone honestly defend Obamacare? It’s a disaster on all fronts!

The average benchmark premiums for the Obamacare plans are expected to reach up to 15% by next year, in comparison to the year 2017. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO)predicted this increase in the premiums.

The CBO notes, “In 2018, the agencies project, the average benchmark premium will be roughly 15% higher than it was in 2017, largely because of short-term market uncertainty—in particular, insurers’ uncertainty about whether federal funding for certain subsidies that are currently available will continue to be provided.”

Premiums for the benchmark plans are expected to increase by a steady five percent every year starting in 2017, and continuing through to 2027.

The average premiums projected by the budget office are expected to be $3,400 for 21-year-olds. For those that are 45-year-old premiums are expected to rise to $4,800, and for 64-year-olds, premiums are projected

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