NYC Police Commissioner Freaking Out Over Potential Of National Reciprocity

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More guns equal less crime. Time and time again, we see it. It sounds counter-intuitive until you recognize that when people are counting guns, they’re only counting guns owned by law-abiding people, not the criminals. Those guns won’t just be ignored in counts, but they also won’t be confiscated anytime soon either.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have never grasped that concept. One such person is the commissioner of the NYPD.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill said it would be “insanity” for the feds to force one state to recognize another’s lax gun laws.

A bill making its way through Congress would make gun possession akin to a driver’s license — so one state’s looser regulations against concealed weapons would be protected in tougher anti-gun states, like New York.

“I think it’s insanity,” O’Neill told CBS’s “60 Minutes” in an interview aired Sunday night.

O’Neill said accidents and suicides

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