NRA Hits the Field to Defend National Reciprocity Legislation

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The NRA is amping up their defense in an effort to push legislation for National Reciprocity. In a new video on NRA TV, the NRA-ILA Executive Director makes the case for the legislation by comparing it to an outspoken opponent of the NRA: The New York Times.

“If 10 states made it a felony to read The New York Times, the media would run the story 24/7 until Congress fixed the assault on the First Amendment. But when 10 states criminalize the Second Amendment, the media says nothing,” said Chris Cox. “They don’t report that honest, well-meaning people—nurses, stay-at-home moms, veterans, even a disaster relief worker—have been charged with felonies for simply having a lawfully owned firearm.”

Cox ends his commentary vowing to stand up for America’s 100 million gun owners: “we will fight until the full measure of our Second Amendment freedom is restored to every citizen in every

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