No, Post-Sand Hook Measures Aren’t Responsible For Dropping Crime Rates

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I still remember the absolute horror of watching the news when the story broke of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I was sitting there, working, with my infant daughter playing on the floor beside me as I watched in utter horror. The fact that those kids were just a few years older than my little girl…yeah, it got me in the gut.

However, I also knew that the anti-gun left would use it to try and push more and more anti-gun regulation, and they did. While they lost on the national stage, they gained some ground in some states.

Now, they’re crowing about all the success they’ve been having.

“There wasn’t much we could do, but a resolution seemed like a good idea,” Bono recently said. It would send a signal of disapproval to Albany and to buck up local state legislators to keep

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