No, New Jersey Does Not Need To Embrace Smart Gun Technology

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New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg thinks she knows how to prevent accidents with firearms, but it’s nothing new to Second Amendment advocates. You see, Weinberg recently took pen in hand to advocate for so-called “smart gun” technology. She feels that it’s time for New Jersey to embrace new technology that will do so many wonderful things.

We cannot continue to view these tragedies as inevitable occurrences in a country with some of the brightest minds in research, development and innovation – and thankfully there are experts and advocates who are continuing the effort to advance smart gun technology, which prevents an unauthorized user from operating a handgun, and their work is showing promising results.

I recently joined a distinguished group of law enforcement, firearms trainers, health researchers, smart gun innovators, investors, advocates and elected officials at the “Law Enforcement and Smart Guns Symposium” in Washington,

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