No New Clues to ‘Why’ the Vegas Shooter Did It?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

It is beginning to look like we may never know what caused Stephen Paddock to meticulously plan out his heinous attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas.

The 64 year old retired millionaire is an anomaly among domestic terrorists.  What authorities have so far uncovered regarding Paddock’s life has created a great many more questions than answers, as the talented gambler showed no signs of rage or violence previous to his attack on country music fans over a week ago, nor was there any indication that Paddock had recently experience a life-changing loss, diagnosis, or breakup.

In the room where Paddock laid out his horrific assault, no manifesto or note was found.  The only item in Paddock’s handwriting to be found were some morbid calculations on hotel stationary in which the shooter worked to ensure that his aim was true when targeting innocent civilians, 58 of whom he killed, with another

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