Next Battle Of Berkeley Announced?

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Free Speech VS Social Justice, round 2… FIGHT!

On Tuesday the Youth American Foundation in association with Berkley College Republicans announced they would be sponsoring Conservative Author Ben Shapiro to speak at Berkley Campus.

In a statement by spokesman Spencer Brown the YAF affirmed their belief in free speech, and advocating diversity of thought saying,

“Berkeley has a choice: To uphold the the First Amendment rights of all students, or once again cave under pressure from extreme leftists and unconstitutionally censor conservative speech…Berkeley administrators would be wise to offer the same platform to Ben Shapiro and the conservative students hosting him that they’ve given the parade of leftist speakers who’ve appeared at Berkeley.”

The campus has beena battleground between leftist groups and free speech advocates before.

In April, Anne Coulter had been slated to appear at the campus; however attempts at arranging a suitable venue had been cut short when

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