New Hampshire Bill to Unify Gun Laws & Penalize Those Who Defy State Law

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In many states, local (city and county) officials pass their own strict gun ordinances to restrict gun owners of their right to purchase, own or possess firearms. Different counties, even neighboring counties may have differing gun ordinances so that what is legal in one county, is not legal just across the county line.

New Hampshire is like a number of states that have passed a law declaring that no local or county government is allowed to pass their own gun ordinances that are different than those of the state. However, that has not stopped some local officials for doing so anyway.

A new bill in the state legislature not only helps reinforce the state’s right to dictate uniform gun laws, but it also would create a fine of up to $5,000 to those local officials who defy the state laws.

( – A bill that would strike down

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