New Air Force Anti Drone Gun is Smaller and Cooler than Ever

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Battelle is a company that comes up with solutions for pretty massive problems.

They have their fingers in many pies and their work encompasses many different fields of industry. However, one of the most interesting parts of their work has them combatting the threat of drones.


At the recent Air Force Association’s Air, Space, & Cyber conference, Battelle unveiled their newest version of the anti-drone gun they call the DroneDefender.

This is the next generation of their anti-drone product and as such it’s smaller, less unwieldy, and more user-friendly for those in the field. The real miracle of DroneDefender Version 2 is that, even at its reduced size, it still delivers the same effectiveness in the field.

From the Air Force Times:

The device, which disrupts the link between an unmanned aerial system and its pilot, used to require

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