Negligence Leads to Shooting at Denver Gun Show

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

A “negligent” shooting at the Denver Mart’s Tanner Gun Show is giving leftists another reason to howl about gun safety. I say “negligent,” because as a witness to the shooting said, “The word ‘accident’ implies it was impossible to prevent, that nobody is at blame. ‘Negligence’ implies this could have been prevented.”

Investigators say that as a vendor was setting up their table a gun went off and one of the other employees was shot.


“Sign right there says no loaded guns, and that applies to vendors as well as patrons that go in so I don’t know what happened,” said Mike Clements, a vendor set up outside the front doors of the Tanner Gun showroom.

“I mean, there’s signs all over stating no loaded guns,” said Jason Rovida, who was attending the show Saturday.

What happened, according to witnesses inside

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