Mr. Obama, if You Care About Dead Kids, Why Do You Fund and Celebrate Abortion?

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Today, President Obama unveiled his plan to stop murder and badness in America and heal the fundamentally flawed nature of man that leads to violence in the first place. Apparently, that can all be accomplished by causing a few extra hassles for law-abiding gun purchasers.

In a extravagantly theatrical speech, surrounded on stage by the families of murder victims who he’d turned into human props for political purposes, Obama railed against the gun lobby, Republicans and dumb Americans who care too much about the Second Amendment. And he cried. And he lied.

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The new executive decrees boil down to a few main initiatives. With an authoritative stroke of his magic law-making pen, Obama expanded background checks for private sellers — now, even if you sell one gun in the span of five years, you must become a licensed gun dealer…

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