Moving Backwards: College Professor Pushes to Enroll Students in Class Based on Race

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Every time America starts taking steps in the right direction, we are knocked backwards by people like this:

A Pomona College geology professor, in California, is pushing to enroll students based on race…..let that sink in.


Here’s what happened, the professor Linda Reinen sent out an email about earthquakes in Southern California, but then mentioned that that she prefers “students of color” to take her lower enrollment course. WTH?

According to The Claremont Independent, here is what she said:

I encourage students who PERM this course to indicate how their background, experience, and/or interests could contribute to diversifying perspectives in the course. In resolving PERMs I will strive to identify students for whom the small-section setting has the potential to be of particular benefit. I am especially interested in seeing PERM requests from students of color, first generation or low-income students, international, and students

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