Mom Defends Her Use Of Hunting To Keep Her Kids From Staying Glued To Cell Phones

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I love my kid, same as any other parent, but one thing he does infuriates me. That’s when he stays glued to his cell phone at all hours of the day. To be clear, he’s not just texting people or anything like that. Instead, he’s using it like a computer. He surfs the internet, watches videos, or goofs off on social media. Yet it’s still annoying that he’s so glued to a piece of electronics.

One mother found a way to solve that with her kids, and she’s apparently felt the need to defend the practice.

Heather Del Moral, 34, regularly takes her children Juan, known as Papi, 14, Isa, 12, and Armonia, nine, out to shoot deer, ducks and doves – and she says it teaches youngsters respect for animals .

She says it gives her chance to talk and connect with her kids properly and she

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