Mitt Romney For Senate?

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Let’s hope it goes better than last time!

Former Massachusetts governor, and 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is contemplating running for Senate in the 2018 congressional elections.

Sources close to Romney say that he is planning to run for Senate in Utah, should Sen. Orrin Hatch decide to retire.  Although Hatch is 83-year-old, he has indicated interest in running for an eighth term in 2018, but a formal announcement has not been made in either case. While Romney’s decision is contingent on Senator Hatch’s, sources say that Romney is hoping to make a final decision no later than late December of this year.

Earlier this year, both Hatch and Romney were giving mixed signals as to their Senate intentions – with Orrin Hatch saying in May that, “I’ve talked to Mitt Romney. He’s not going to run for this seat. I would be glad for him if he would.”


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