Minority Students Caught Faking Air Force Academy Hate Crime

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Liberty News Now

“Oh, no! How will we justify our violent activism now?”

In Denver, racial slurs were posted outside the rooms of five black students of the Air Force Academy. However, after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that those same students that “discovered” the racial slurs, were also the ones that posted them.

In September, the appearance of racial slurs on a communal message board that rocked the Air Force Academy, and had black activists up in arms, and howling about “racism.”  As the mainstream media picked up and amplified the story, to push their chosen narratives – top brass at the Academy were forced to respond.

The Academy’s superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, a veteran fighter pilot, addressed the fake hate crime – caving into the mainstream narrative, and completely glossing over the fact that the entire “crime” was a forgery, committed by African American students.

“Regardless of the circumstances

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