Miles Away From Oregon, the Longest Armed Standoff in U.S. History Quietly Comes to a Close in Texas After 15 Years

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A nearly 15-year armed standoff along the Trinity River in Texas quietly came to a close Wednesday after a reporter informed John Joe Gray that a district attorney actually had dropped the charges against him way back in December 2014.

This longest armed standoff in U.S. history began in 1999 when Gray, a carpenter linked to various antigovernment militia groups, was charged with assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop, according to WFAA-TV. The officer initially took issue with the fact that Gray, now 66, was carrying a pistol without a concealed carry permit while Gray insisted that he had a a God-given right to carry his weapon. During the ensuing scuffle, Gray admitted to biting the officer.

15-year armed standoff quietly ends outside of Dallas – WFAA: WFAA 15-year armed standoff quietly ends outside of…

— Dallas Texas (@texas_dallas) January 8, 2016

Gray was jailed and…

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