Michigan Next? Wolverine State Considers Ending “Gun Free” Zones

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

A Republican legislator from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is working hard to make life more free for the people of Michigan. Rep. Beau Lafave (R) has written legislation that would make it legal for residents to carry a concealed weapon into a “gun free” zone.

Currently, Michigan law dictates that you cannot carry a concealed weapon into bars, churches, hospitals, schools, and most sporting events. Lafave wants the law changed to practically eliminate the so-called “gun free” zones.



“If you have a FBI background check, you did the training, you got finger prints on file with the FBI and you’ve got your permit, why in the world are we disarming people that are law abiding citizens?” Rep. Beau Lafave asked.

His legislation goes further than other similar statutes in that it even allows Michiganders to carry into their local bar… as long

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