Meet the Man Who Gave You Summer Fun when He Invented the Super Soaker

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Tech Insider and their friends at Business Insider have a new interview with the man who invented summer fun, and he did it by creating the coolest water gun we’d ever seen.

His name is Lonnie Johnson and he is the inventor of the Super Soaker.


Full Transcript from Business Insider:

The whole idea was to be able to shoot a very, very high pressure stream of water a very long distance.

“Oh Buffy…”

I’m Lonnie Johnson. I’m an inventor. The invention that most people know me for is the Super Soaker water gun.

My career started actually when I was in high school. I built a robot that won a regional science fair at the University of Alabama. I went on to work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a research engineer on high temperature nuclear reactors. Air Force Weapons

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