Meet the Future of Firearms – The KRISS Vector Gen II SBR .45ACP

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If you want to shoot an exciting gun, then the KRISS Vector is the one to shoot.

This is the likely wave of the future friends. As our police departments and military begin to move away from their older stock of guns and ammo, it’s likely that the KRISS Vector will be the next submachine gun they look to for support.


The KRISS is a versatile weapon that offers unparalleled accuracy, even on the move, and it has the versatility that most law enforcement agencies need.

Todd Burgreen at Tactical Life recently ran a new Gen 2 KRISS through its paces and was thoroughly pleased with what he saw.

The KRISS Vector SBR proved accurate and durable during testing at the Echo Valley Training Center, with nearly 700 rounds fired over multiple range visits. The Vector definitely delivers on KRISS’ promises

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