McConnell: Whoever Gets To 60 Votes Wins

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“Let the chips randomly fall where they may” – Master Legislative Strategist, Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R- Ky.) had a meeting with Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, in his office on Tuesday. After the meeting, McConnell is hoping for a ‘free-flowing’ immigration debate to take place in the coming week. He stated that any proposal that gets the 60 votes first will get through the upper chamber.

McConnell is best known for ‘keeping his cards close to the vest.’ On Tuesday, he stated that upcoming fiscal shutdown will mark a “rare occasion” leading to an open debate next week, creating an “opportunity for a thousand flowers to bloom.”

In a press conference, the Senate Majority Leader said in a statement, “I’m going to structure in such a way that’s fair to everyone. … Whoever gets to 60 wins.”

One of the reported asked that there are numerous proposals

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