March For Life, A Tale of the Girl Who Lived

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bullets First

For many of you, you may not realize that every year a March for Life rally takes place in Washington DC fighting for the unborn children who do not have a voice, nor a choice, in the battle over abortions.  You may not have heard of the March of Life rally because the mainstream media has long ago forfeited its soul to left wing progressive ideology and they don’t want to report that over 600,000 people gather to fight for the right to live on behalf of those who may never get the chance to.

No, the mainstream media would rather bloviate on a bunch of deranged, gender confused, hateful, vagina hat wearing troglodytes whose primary mode of communication is screaming like lunatics because more than a year after the fact they cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost an election.  But I digress.  This isn’t about the hateful

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