Magazine Urges Moms to Ban Squirt Guns from Home

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

It’s bad enough that liberal school teachers and administrators will not allow kids to be kids and play like they have for years and use their imagination. Far too many kids are having their lives ruined by zero tolerance policies that lack common sense. Now a liberal magazine is urging all moms to ban water guns from their homes because they set a bad example for kids.

In an article focused on advice for mothers, Popsugar magazine warns that water guns should not be allowed in the home because they “normalize” real guns.

The author of the article, Lauren Levy, stresses that her mother had some non-negotiables in their home, and a ban on water guns was one of them…


Water guns ‘normalize real guns’? What’s next on the liberal agenda for kids. Are they going to ban sticks, using knives at

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