Liberal Media Blaming President Trump for Remington Bankruptcy?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

While it comes as no surprise that there are financial repercussions tied to Presidential politics, the “resistance” of the radical left has taken their analysis a bit far recently.

In what is surely a sad day for American firearm enthusiasts everywhere, historic and storied manufacturer Remington is set to file for bankruptcy in the immediate future.  The company, which is two hundred years old, has recently experienced a slump that they seemingly cannot climb out of, and the liberal media can’t seem to contain their giddiness.

Even worse, the “resistance” rats have gotten their filthy paws on the story and gone for a run, now claiming that President Donald Trump may be to blame.

From ultraliberal CBS News:

“Where’s Hillary Clinton when the gun industry needs her? The Democrat’s election loss to Donald Trump was cheered by the National Rifle Association and other gun lobbyists, given the current

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