Law Abiding Grandparents Forced To Give Up Guns in Order To Foster Grandson

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bullets First

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If I told you that a child was being held hostage over a gun your mind might go to a movie like scenario in which a bad guy was in a standoff with police, his gun pressed to the temple of the child and the tension mounting.

But in this case, the bad guy in this scenario is the state of Michigan that somehow thinks it has the right to hold a child hostage instead of being fostered by blood relatives because those blood relatives happen to be law abiding concealed carrying gun owners.

That’s right.  The State of Michigan is holding Bill Johnson’s grandson hostage and telling the Johnson’s that if they want to foster their own grandson they have to give up their God given 2nd Amendment rights.  Bill Johnson, who learned how to shoot by

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