Kimber’s Expansion Into Alabama, Due To Gun Laws Or Something Else?

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Anti-gun states don’t get it. They don’t understand that for every law they pass, there are unintended consequences. Countless unintended consequences.

For example, in New York, one employer may be beating feet to the South because of the Empire State’s decision to treat law-abiding citizens as royal subjects, inhibiting their sacred and protected right to keep and bear arms. That employer is Kimber.

Alabamians are celebrating and New Yorkers are left scratching their heads. No… it’s not about the BCS championship game where the Crimson Tide pulled out an overtime win against Georgia. The most recent victory for the Yellowhammer state was luring Kimber Manufacturing, Inc., to build a $38-million facility in Troy instead of expanding production at its location in Yonkers, New York.

That’s right. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced in her State of the State address that Kimber, maker of handguns and bolt-action rifles, would be

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