Kimber Firearms Finds Third Home in Alabama Expansion

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Now that the American economy is booming once again, thanks in no small part to the President’s business savvy, a number of U.S. businesses are living the high life.

With Donald Trump rising to power at the tail end of 2016, and with a year now under his belt, our country has been undergoing a serious transformation.  Not only is the American conservative awakening dominating the cultural shifts of our great nation, but employing one of the most prominent businessmen in American history as Commander in Chief has done wonders for consumer confidence and the American economy as well.

This “Trump Effect” has seen a number of previously absent corporations return operations to America, and it has fueled the growth of a great many Made in America companies.  (Just check out the targeted advertising that you see on Facebook these days…everything looks to be “made in the USA”).


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