Jogger With Gun Saves Woman From Horrific Assault

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Josh Williams, of Texas, is being hailed as a hero – for single-handedly stopping a sexual assault. Yet another, of innumerable instances, of a good guy with a gun saving the day!

As reported by his local TV station, Williams almost didn’t take his gun along with him as he headed out for a weekly run on the Hike and Bike Trail in Austin, Texas on the morning of 15th September. But as he had a habit of taking his Glock 43 everywhere with him – a habit of 10 years.

At around 5:30AM it was still dark when Williams suddenly heard a woman’s screams on the trail where he was running. He followed the source of the screaming, and found a woman being attacked.

“I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her,” Josh told the Television Reporter adding that he

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