Is This Trainer Any Good?

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One of the hardest things to do when looking for training is to gauge the quality of the training in question. Oh, sure, it’s easy when you’re looking at training with someone who is well known in the field. Gabe Suarez, for example, is someone who is pretty well known and there are tons of opinions on him. The same is true with James Yeager at Tactical Response, Travis Hailey, or Larry Vickers among many others.

With these guys, there’s more than enough information out there for you to make an informed decision.

But there are a ton of guys who aren’t nearly as well known. Are they bad instructors? Some are, some aren’t.

Luckily, Kevin Creighton over at Richocet has some solid advice.

I constantly see signs by freeway exit ramps advertising concealed carry permit classes for ridiculously low prices. While I completely understand how

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