Is Big Game Hunting Coming to Our National Park System?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Sometimes, a brilliant idea comes along that makes you wonder just how we hadn’t ever made it happen before.

Think, for instance, about how difficult it is to explain to a level headed person why Americans have such a hard time legally drilling for oil within the boundaries of their own nation.

Obviously, consistently sending our money to the middle east in order to fuel our vehicles and industry isn’t an ideal situation, and never has been.  Not only is there the relatively new threat of radical Islamic terrorism to deal with, (both literally and through the indirect financial effect of spending so much money the region), but this age-old practice allows a foreign power to throttle the United States as they see fit.

Yet every time we push for a common sense solution to extracting our own natural resources, the leftists throw up their arms in feigned

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