Irish Americans Know Many Who Own Multiple Guns

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

When it became news of how many firearms Stephen Paddock owned, liberal went mad. I heard some on various news telecasts saying that no one should be allowed to own more than one gun. Obviously, these liberals have no clue about hunters, target shooters or people who want to protect themselves.

As hunters, my family had small caliber rifles for small game, large caliber rifles for average sized game and different rifles for the largest game. We also had a variety of shotguns for different type of bird and small game hunting.


My best friend is a retired state law enforcement officer and he has several different handguns, a variety of rifles to use for different sport and game and shotguns, some of which he uses for different bird and game shooting and 4 gauges to use for competition skeet shooting.

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