Illegal Immigrant in Alabama Gives Up Stash of Guns, Meth, And Money

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As our nation continues to suffer through an onslaught of illegal immigration, the dangers of the practice are just now coming fully into view.

The economic repercussions of illegal immigration have long been available to study for anyone interested:  Undocumented workers in America are often negligent with their tax burden on our nation, and a large percentage of the money that they earn does not stay here.  Much of this cash is sent straight back home to waiting friends and families, thusly removing it from the American economy.

The bigger concerns of late, however, are far more dangerous.

The illegal drug trade in Mexico has grown far too large for the Mexican police to handle alone.  The southern drug cartels are very much in control of several cities in Mexico, and have been exporting their drugs and heinous violence to the United States for some time.

With those drugs and

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