Huffington Post Wants To Blame Gun Access For Spokane Shooting, But Here’s What They’re Not Asking

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With a school shooting in Spokane, we shouldn’t be surprised to see any gun journalists writing about how it’s all the fault of the gun. Despite the fact that the Spokane County Sheriff wasn’t quick to blame guns for the incident…or maybe they did it because he wouldn’t do it for them.

From The Huffington Post:

But when a reporter asked Knezovich how the shooter had access to the firearms used to kill classmate Sam Strahan and injure three others, the sheriff was reluctant to discuss gun control issues.

“Minors are not supposed to be in possession of a handgun until they’re 21,” he said. “You never know how people get ahold of weapons. Those are things we’ll be digging into in trying to figure out what exactly happened here.”

But it’s no mystery how Sharpe gained access to the weapons he fired at

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