Governor Makes Immigration Statement As 2020 Rumors Build

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For someone so serious looking, he has a silly last name…

On Tuesday, Democratic Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, signaled support for blanket amnesty of DACA recipients, and indeed all illegal immigrants who have, and will find their way to the US.

During a television interview, coming on the heels of President Trump’s televised bipartisan immigration meeting, Hickenlooper gave his take on the sort of immigration reform he would like to see.

“Maybe, I mean ideally, this should be the time that Congress steps up and does comprehensive reform, right?” Hickenlooper had said during the interview. “You know, when I first got in to politics, I ran for mayor in 2003, I had never run for student council, this was an issue in 2003. … People were saying, ‘well, how are we going to address this immigration issue?’ Let’s finally do it.”

However, being a politician, Hickenlooper is not consistent or

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