Gamer Gets Bizarrely Lax Charge in “Swatting” Assassination Case

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Just days ago, the world was rocked by a terrifying new trend in the world of online gaming:  A real-life way to attack other players known as “swatting”.

Swatting is an inexcusable and heinous real life action that stems from conflicts arising during online video game sessions, often in games of the first person shooter category.  In the maneuver, an agitated player will use the internet to garner personal information about their opponent, including a home address.  Then, using a trace-blocking device, Player 1 will call into the police station of Player 2’s locale and indicate that a highly volatile situation is occurring at Player 2’s address.

Predictably, police and SWAT teams will often arrive to find an extremely confused and eerily tranquil atmosphere that upends a majority of their time in training and the field.  These now extremely nervous and well armed teams will confront the family

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