For Media, Armed Threats Equals ‘Harassment’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bearing Arms

Harassment sucks. It’s not a fun time when an individual is making your life difficult by calling you up, following you around online, and so on. It’s not pleasant at all.

But, according to one Texas television station, harassment has another meaning.

Their report on a man who used his own gun to defend himself and his family from a robber sounds great.

A man is dead after police say a father shot and killed him for threatening his family inside a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant in San Antonio.

Police say the robber approached the father around 8:30 Wednesday night while he was waiting for his kids to leave the bathroom.

That’s when the robber pointed his gun at the family.

The father then drew his lawfully carried firearm and shot the aggressor.

Pretty straight forward, right?

Not so much.

Note the headline from Facebook. Harassing.

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