Florida Gun Shop Under Scrutiny for Ad Depicting Armed Antifa Standoff

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

A great swath of our nation has been adversely affected by the violence and hatred of the radical left over the course of the last year, with groups such as Antifa taking to the streets to fight against the First Amendment.

The group, whose name is ironically meant to promote an anti-Fascism viewpoint, have long heralded the idea of an adjusted version of free speech in which offensive statements are deemed unprotected by this most important American freedom.

Antifa chooses this method of oppression as it’s the only way for the mostly millennial miscreants to leverage their internet prowess against the real world experience of their conservative targets.

Now, as Americans are wholly sick of the violent, anti-American terror group continuing to rampage throughout our nation, one Florida gun store has used their likeness in an advertisement depicting a band of patriotic, armed Americans refusing to allow these cretinous

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