Elderly Tennessee Man Defends Himself With Gun, Kills One and Runs Off Two

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While the anti-gun zealots are going on and on and on about how no one needs this gun or that gun, but let’s remember that at the heart of the issue is that guns save lives. Every day, we see countless examples of people defending themselves with guns, especially in cases when it’s clear they would be unable to defend themselves otherwise.

For example, an elderly gentleman from Tennessee.

An elderly homeowner shot and killed one of three suspects after he was robbed and assaulted, according to the Kentucky State Police.

The story came together after authorities say the shooting victim, 46-year-old Timothy Roper, showed up to the Jackson Purchase Medical Center at 9:30 p.m.

Roper died at the hospital, police said.

An investigation revealed he was one of three suspects who forced their way into a home on McNeil Road in Boaz late Monday night.

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