Dems Obstruct Appointment Of Global Religious Freedom Ambassador

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Why are they smiling? Because – without their action – all the Christians across the middle east will be dead.

The Catholic leaders and the human rights activists blasted the Democrats for delaying the appointment of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to the State Department, as Ambassador of International Religious Freedom.

Appointed by President Trump, the Ambassador of International Religious Freedom is responsible for enacting and coordinating government policies to promote religious freedom, and to combat religious persecution across the globe. Needless to say, Christians are the most viciously persecuted global religious minority – a position only cemented by 8 years of the Obama Administration’s blatantly pro-muslim policies.

The Senate Foreign Relations had approved his nomination in late October, and his GOP supporters in Congress hoped that it would sail through the Senate by a unanimous consent. Brownback previously had served in the House and Senate, where he was widely respected

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