Defense Department Fights Back Against Gun Database Lawsuit

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While the Department of Defense has taken some lumps over its failure to report the Sutherland Springs shooter to the NICS database, it’s not willing to go down without a fight. After all, we do tend to want our military to fight, though possibly not on something like this, but if they’re in the right–or at least not in the wrong. There’s a difference–I don’t blame them.

The DOD argues the lawsuit overreaches what should be permissible by law.

The Department of Defense told a federal court last week a lawsuit pending from three major cities over the gun background check system overreaches.

In a 25-page response filed Jan. 12, federal attorneys called the expedited discovery request — via a claim under the Administrative Procedure Act — from the legal team representing the cities of New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco “both meritless and premature,” insisting the court deny the motion

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