Death Threats Flow Into Republican Offices Over Net Neutrality

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“Wow, such grisly detail – gross!’

A man from New York was recently arrested  for making a death threat against the Representative John Katko over the net neutrality debate, and it is considered the latest in a string of threats from advocates of the liberal policy.

The Federal Communications Commission chairman – Ajit Pai has also received numerous threats ever since he had announced the agency’s intention earlier this year to repeal the Obama era rules that had expanded federal regulation over the internet.

Katko, who is a Republican and represents upstate New York and has no role whatsoever in the FCC agenda, has received a threatening voicemail from a Patrick Angelo, who had vowed to kill Katko’s family if he went on to support the repealing of net neutrality.

“Listen Mr. Katko, if you support net neutrality, I will support you,” Angelo said, according to a complaint filed in

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