DEA Opens Up New Front On War Against Opioid Abuse

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This is what taking care of “Forgotten America” looks like. Thank God for Trump.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will open its 22nd division office next year in Louisville, Kentucky, martialing all the agency resources to focus on the three states that are hardest hit by the nationwide opioid epidemic.

Joined there by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, DEA Administrator, Robert Patterson had announced the new division office during a morning press conference on Wednesday.

“DEA continually looks for ways to improve operations and interagency cooperation and more efficiently leverage resources,” Patterson had said. “By creating a new division in the region, this restructuring places DEA in lockstep with our partners in the area to do just that. This change will produce more effective investigations on heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid trafficking, all of which have a significant impact on the region.”

The DEA has 21 domestic divisions, along with 91

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