Data Changes Mind of Gun Control Advocate

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Over the years, I have found that very few gun control advocates look at the data or believe the data when they do look at it. They tend to pick and choose what parts of the data they can use or manipulate in order to promote their anti-gun agenda. I’ve actually had several gun control fanatics over the years emphatically tell me that they don’t care about the data or what the data says, guns are dangerous and they kill people. In other words, they have a belief that they will defend in spite of what the data actually says.

Leah Libresco is a statistician and data is her life. She was very pro-gun control, until she took time to look at what the data actually says and what it says is not what gun control advocates claim. Consequently, she is no longer pro-gun control.


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