Court Essentially Argues Loss Of Second Amendment Rights Is No Big Deal

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For many of us, the idea of losing our Second Amendment rights is horrific. We’re not alone. Many people throughout this nation feel the same way, even if they’re not Second Amendment advocates.

One such person is Amanda Longley.

Longley was involved in a confrontation with the father of her child and the man’s girlfriend. As a result of that confrontation, Longley pled guilty to two misdemeanors, one for disorderly conduct and one for battery, and was sentenced to a year’s probation. However, because of the nature of the charges, there was an additional punishment.

Longley was barred from ever purchasing a firearm.

Later, however, Longley discovered that her plea carried a much more enduring and serious consequence and one which her lawyer had neglected to warn her: a permanent loss of Second Amendment rights. This is because her conviction triggered a federal law that bans firearm

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