Concealed Carry Permit Holder Uses Gun to Capture Wanted Man

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A transient in Marysville, Washington is very lucky to be alive. His four outstanding arrest warrants may have been the least of his worries, had he picked a different house to break into. Fortunately for him, he broke into the home of Joe Hemrich, who found himself facing a stranger in his home standing only four feet from his son’s bedroom, holding a baton as a weapon.

Hemrich has a concealed carry permit and pulled his gun on the intruder and held him until police were called and arrived. Only then did Hemrich find out the man had the outstanding warrants for his arrest.


He says his 12-years of training with his gun is what kept him from pulling the trigger and probably killing the intruder.

Marysville police said a homeowner did everything right when he came face-to-face with a criminal

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