Completely Sane Journalist Compares the NRA to Head-Chopping Terror Group

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bearing Arms

A mentally ill or perhaps senile editorialist at the Missourian has made the bizarre assertion that the oldest civil rights organization in the United States is more dangerous than the fanatical Islamic terrorist group that throws gays from the rooftops, burns captured enemies alive, gang-rapes women and children for their own amusement, and chops off the head of anyone who disagrees with their barbaric views.

Which organization is more dangerous to Americans — ISIS or the NRA?

As you know, ISIS is the acronym for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It is a terrorist organization founded in 1999, headquartered in Syria and feared around the world.

The NRA is the acronym for the National Rifle Association, founded in 1891, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, and feared by politicians across America.

What makes ISIS so feared is its willingness to kill in pursuit of its goal of

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