Communist Anti-Cop Gym Owner Actually A Filthy One-Percenter

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Jim Chambers may have made quite a name for himself with his anti-police policy at EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, which he owns. In addition to banning police, he also has made it clear that he doesn’t want military members there either, though that may be for the best. Many veterans, particularly those who either served or grew up during the Cold War, would be turned off by the Soviet Union flag proudly displayed at the facility.

Social media has filled up over the last day or so with people foreseeing the demise of his gym.

Under most circumstances, you might be right. However, Chambers isn’t your average gym owner either.

No, Jim Chambers is, in addition to having had a couple of run-ins with the law, is part of an extremely wealthy family that tolerates his anti-police hatred.

For example, about a year ago, Chambers

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