CIA Torture Masterminds Settle Lawsuit, Taxpayers On The Hook For $81 Million

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I don’t think it’s wise to give the Deep State a free pass on torture, their next victims could be honest Americans.

They psychologists that designed the CIA’s torture program just settled a lawsuit brought by Islamic terrorists – and torture victims. In the settlement, the federal government was forced to pay $81 million to the terrorists, and any surviving family members. This does not include the massive legal bill that they psychologists racked up during the trial – a bill of unknown size, being footed by the American taxpayer.

James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the two doctors who designed the torture programs and interrogation regimen after the 9/11 attacks, a program that Senate interrogators called “learned helplessness”, settled a case on Thursday that was brought forward by the three survivors of CIA black sites and the family of Gul-Rahman, a man who froze to death during one of these

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